Lords of Kerry

Redeem your Voucher

You already have a voucher from Groupon and want to redeem it now?

Nothing could be easier. Your Groupon voucher will automatically deduct the full purchase price for the Irish title Lord of Kerry when entered in the order process.

Only the shipping needs to be paid. We recommend to choose the ” trackable shipping” variant. This is a little bit more expensive, but you can track your shipment to your door. It is also much faster than the non-trackable option.

We also offer some options that are not covered by the voucher. These are, for example, additional certificates for children, traceable shipping, or other items. If you wish to purchase one of these items in addition, the Groupon voucher will deduct the cost of the title, but not for the additional items.

If you have purchased additional items, these must also be paid for before shipping. You can pay us through the payment service provider Paypal.

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